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  • Activate Your Hurricane Senses

    Posted on June 1, 2017 by in News Releases

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    A hurricane can be a frightening and devastating experience. However, the level of anxiety may be lessened once we are adequately prepared by activating our ‘hurricane senses’. Hurricane Charlie, Gilbert, Ivan and Sandy are a few of the more notorious hurricanes etched in the minds of many Jamaicans. But despite our frequent experience of this natural peril, how many of us can say with confidence that our hurricane senses are activated?

    Hurricane researchers at Colorado State University, estimate that there will be a marginal dip in the average hurricane occurrences for the 2017 Atlantic Hurricane Season due to El Nino and other climatic factors. A prediction of 11 storms, six hurricanes, and two hurricanes of Category 3 strength or more, are expected to occur during the June 1st to November 30th 2017 period.

    Considering a marginal plunge in the hurricane movement which may result in 85 percent of the average hurricane activity, this may be some good news for us in the Caribbean however, we still need to ensure that our hurricane senses are alert in the event that Arlene through to Whitney become our reality!