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Employee Benefits


It is the duty of the Employee Benefits Team to deliver proactive service, always anticipating the needs of the client.  Our service is second to none, in the areas of market negotiations, plan design, administration & management, placement and professional advice given to our clients.  Our clientele includes self-employed individuals, associations and groups from Corporate Jamaica.

 At MGIB, the Employee Benefits team negotiates with the entire insurance market to obtain the most satisfactory benefits, competitive rates and terms of coverage, providing updates on market conditions and developments in the healthcare sector.  We cater to the needs of our clients by designing a plan that best suits your respective employees.  We also provide our clients with reports that inform on usage trends.

Addressing the concerns of our clients and resolving members’ issues is key in our daily operation.  We guide the client through the terms and conditions of their Insurance Contract, arrange staff seminars and health days focusing on the promotion of wellness along with the insurer with a view to keeping the staff educated on the operation of their employee benefits program.  We also conduct scheduled visits on a quarterly basis, or as needed.


Our expertise is in the following classes of insurance:

  • Group Life Insuranceprovides financial assistance to the beneficiaries of an eligible employee in the event of death from any cause (except suicide) while insured.  We offer our professional advice and negotiate on your behalf to offer the best market rates and the shortest turnaround time for claim settlements.
  • Group Health Insurance & Individual Health Insurance (Local and International) offers an array of health benefits inclusive of major medical locally and internationally.  Effecting Health Insurance greatly assists in transferring the burden of health care cost to the health insurer.  MGIB ensures that you have the best benefits in place to reduce your out of pocket expenses and also ensures that you keep abreast of changes in the health care industry.
  • Group Personal Accident Insurance is simply financial protection against accidental bodily injury resulting in Death, Dismemberment, Permanent Total Disablement, Loss of Income, Medical Expenses which takes into account medical bills, hospitalization, necessary medical and surgical expenses 
  • Travel Insurance covers overseas travel for business, vacation, education etc.  It also covers short term or Annual cover and includes while travelling, personal accident benefits, medical and emergency travel expenses and baggage. We arrange and facilitate the issue of travel insurance to you in a hassle-free environment.


We take pride in our approach to claims services as we settle our claims in a very coordinated manner.  Employee Benefits has become an integral part of risk management because of frequency of on the job injuries and resultant expectation of employees.  To ensure a seamless/complementary benefit structure and efficient claims management system, the Employee Benefits Team uniquely approaches claims settlements by coordinating benefits between Group Personal Accident, Group Life, Employers Liability and Health Policies, which results in the reduction of direct cost to employers while maximizing levels of compensation from these policies for employees.  Offshoot of this is that it raises the levels of staff satisfaction making the work place a happier one.

Our claims services also include delivering sound advice on claims to our clients, reporting claims, acting as an advocate for our Clients in any dispute resolution, expediting the settlement of claims and tracking them to ensure that the industry standard is adhered to. We also conduct a quarterly analysis of our clients’ claims utilization geared towards educating our clients and reducing health care costs for the new policy year.